If you have a vagina you probably had a Barbie growing up. At least I did, until my super amazing thoughtful little brother cut every last strand of hair off her beautifully shaped head. My anatomically incorrect, big chested, tiny wasted, little friend was bald.  To say that I was crushed was an understatement. She and I parted…but I never forgot.

Fast forward twenty years to being an actual human female with a body that has, dare I say it, curves, and all I can think is “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?” I don’t look like Barbie at all and I sure as hell don’t have a pink convertible. Misleading? Frankly, I’m pissed!

So what do you have to say for yourself, you twinkly eyed little liar? You’ve been misleading little girls for decades!

There was that time you told us not to eat:

Babysitter Barbie reads a book called How to Lose Weight that advises, “Don’t eat!”

And that time you told us to only weigh 110 pounds:

Barbie's slumber party essential is a pink scale that is permanently set at 110 lbs.

But, huge news: Barbie’s new commercial is *gasp* pretty amazing. The ad starts with a few little girls working in very adult roles like a professor, a veterinarian, a soccer coach and a business woman. As the little girls take on the roles of women, the surrounding adults watch in awe, amusement, and much confusion. Then…wait for it…plot twist! While the girls are filmed interacting with real people, it turns out what we are seeing is their imagination brought to life; they are actually playing with Barbie dolls, dreaming about and creating their futures.

Perhaps we are witnessing history in the making: Barbie encouraging girls to be real-life, professional women? You’ll just have to check it out for yourself.