Let me start by saying I’m not a huge animal lover. Sure animals are cute and fun to look at, and I like them way better than taxes; but… I don’t stay home on Friday nights to watch cat videos like some other people I know. However, this TV spot from Android caught my attention:

I’ll admit, these unlikely and adorable animal pairings are hard to beat — a dog and a dolphin swimming, an elephant and sheep digging dirt and a bear and a tiger snuggling. Scored with Roger Miller’s folksy “Oo-De-Lally” from the 1973 Disney movie “Robin Hood,” the spot ends with the message: “Be Together. Not The Same.” It just hits your heartstrings and makes you want to yell, “Yes, I will befriend a shark and let him nibble on me cause it will be cute!”

Using animals in advertising is NOT new. There is actually an entire psychology about why these furry creatures cater to our innate need to shop and consume. Advertisers only have a few seconds to capture our ADHD, ADD, Millenial, non-existent attention. And sure, most advertisers use catchy phrases or jingles that stick with us (can I get a “do do a dollop of daisy!”). That said, here are a couple of other winners that keep us coming back for more:

Lifebuoy Hand Wash — You Eat What You Touch

Lifebuoy Hand Wash. You eat what you touch.

Schick — Free Your Skin

Schick -- Free Your Skin