How Did We Get Here

Three months ago I started a new job. I was excited and nervous and mostly unprepared for what would be asked of me. No need to get into the gritty details of what a sales development job entails, but at its core, it includes producing at least one new marketing strategy per day. Compared to my last job, this was about 365 times more campaigns than I had created in the past year. And the more campaigns I proposed, the more I realized how easy it was to fall into a pattern of suggesting the same solutions for every client. It was the path of least resistance and a path on which I had no interest in walking, running, hiking, or skiing.

I needed inspiration, so I set out to do what I love best: research. I can now confirm that the internet is truly a magical thing. There were explosive ideas and new technology being built and shared around the world, on and offline, for every demographic imaginable. I started to organically tune in more to the ads around me, paying attention to the nagging YouTube pre rolls, allowing myself to be more mesmerized by Times Square Billboards, seeing the cultural impact of the Cocolas and Conagras of the world. It started to feel more and more like advertising was the world and I just happened to be living in it. It was overwhelming to know that everything I did was shadowed, mirrored, and impacted by someone else’s idea of what I should want to buy, be, look like.

Feelings aside, this isn’t something I could change. In fact, if I tried to shut down the marketing industry (not that I could) my career and passion would cease to exist. So instead I decided to celebrate the magic, infrequent but present in what I saw. The commercial that actually struck a heart cord, the jingle that was so catchy I sang it for days. These were the moments of creativity and perseverance that deserved to be noticed and acted as a new source of inspiration for my own campaigns. The more I paid attention, the more I saw, the more I shared. I emailed coworkers and friends daily with what I had found. I bookmarked websites and articles to come back to, and eventually ended up here. A home for all of this. A place to find inspiration and magic.

As written in the mission statement, Magic In The Marketing was borne out of the idea that communication is more than just an ad or a ploy to sell a product. When at its best, it is actually a story and a touch of enchantment, powerful enough to make you genuinely feel something. Honestly, we are all tired of being sold to; tired of being told what to look at, what to listen to and what to label as cool. This project sets out to question marketing norms and celebrate the new, creative, and authentic ways people are approaching big media. We are the ultimate seekers – and we are dedicated to finding the magic in everything around us.