Even at age 24, poop still makes me laugh…hard. I was first introduced to PooPourri back in 2013 with their first hilarious video, when my, at the time, very new boyfriend sent the link to my work computer. Like a perfect shit storm, I was overcome with embarrassment as I thought 1) my new hunk didn’t like the smell of my butt and 2) AHHHH there is a poop commercial playing on my work computer at full volume! Despite all of that, the commercial had me sold – I bought 4 bottles that same day.

I honestly didn’t think it was possible to do any better, and then a co-worker sent me his newest video.

Scripted like an episode of Glee, this sing-a-long turd song is catchy; it touches on every genre of radio music from pop to rap. This is more than just a commercial — it is commentary on our generation’s hopes, desires, and dreams. That may be a stretch — but give it a listen and decide for yourself!