You no longer need to be a kid to trick-or-treat like one — at least not in this new video series “The House on Hallow Hill,” by Target. The series includes six videos placing the viewers directly into the experience. In the beginning, the users find themselves in front of a spooky mansion (cue haunted movie tunes). As a hand grasps a phone to, you know, Instagram of course, a raven swoops in and takes the phone. Finally, a YouTube cards pop up, prompting viewers to continue exploring by selecting another one of the mansion’s rooms: “The Ghoulish Graveyard,” “The Candy Carnival,” “Dinner with Ghosts” and “Day of the Dead.”

Hmmm… but where does the sales pitch come in? Once the viewers have explored a virtual room, all of the items in that room become shoppable! The viewers can even get a 10% off promo code at the end of the experience. Sure, shoppable videos have been done before, but if you are a Halloween junky there is much more here to be enjoyed. The video details are on point, the interactive elements are fun to play around with, and you gotta give snaps to a brand that is down to get creepy and scary with the best of them.