What makes for good packaging? Is it simple branding, unexpected design, a not-so-discreet pun? I am no expert, but the following caught my eye for sure:

1. Let’s not pretend an oven wasn’t involved in this sugar-baby’s conception. This packaging gives the cupcake a “straight from the source” feel.

unique cupcake packaging in a fake stove

2. A new take on hanging your tea from the side of your cup. I’m a little obsessed.

hanger tea package design

3. In case you were wondering — this animal is where your meat comes from.  Does this make you hungry…or want to be a vegan?

meat packaging ideas

4. The modern day equivalent to a mixtape! Who says romance is dead?

mixtape usb drive

5. Wassup Gnomeboy?

gnome themed baguete holder

6. Maybe the most useful packaging I have seen yet. For all humans constantly forgetting what’s on each of the gazillion floating zip-drives.

gigs2go tearable usb drive

7. Remember the Italian ice cup that came with a wooden stick that was allegedly a spoon? Well, this is better.

butter better packaging design

8. Finally, the most useful designed package for our frenetic culture — now you can eat and run…literally!

new fast food storage packaging system