By the time this article goes live, the holidays will probably be over, but I didn’t want to let this commercial go unnoticed. When I think about Toys ‘R’ Us, I don’t often think about touchy-feely family moments. Instead, I think about screaming bratty kids running around. I think about big industry making endless amounts of money off of parents trying to buy their kids’ love. I think about the pain you get when you step on a Lego. Cynical? Probably. But if good branding is what changes the perception in consumers’ minds, then this is great branding.

I watched the commercial with hopeless expectations that it would cheesy or that there would be the ever present call-to-action to purchase “Before it’s too late!” Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the heartwarming father-son relationship, the unique take on gender roles, and the consistent and remarkable storytelling that took place. Tear-jerkingly beautiful, I highly recommend you give this video a watch — and maybe shed a tear, I know I did.