The world is so filled with shit, especially recently. Violence, hunger, and a lack of love and compassion is all around. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t trying to counteract the bad with good. In this new series, I want to take a moment to celebrate some of the good that is possible in the advertising world.

Let’s start with the big, eye-catching fact: 63 million people around the world are living without clean water.

And you are thinking either “wow, gross” or “so what, a little mud never killed anyone.” Either way, you should know that dirty water kills more people in the world than all types of violence combined, even war – queue amazing ad campaign.

Recently, Charity: Water partnered with BuzzFeed and DigitasLBi  to find a way to show, not just tell, people how damaging dirty water can be. They did this by creating a series of “Tasty” videos (super popular and fun to watch if you have never checked them out), which were scheduled to run on the BuzzFeed Partner Facebook page and the BuzzFeed’s Snapchat Discover channel. This was done in alignment with the “Fight Dirty” campaign, celebrating Charity Water’s 10th anniversary. DigitasLBi, which created the work entirely pro-bono, substituted a simple ingredient that many people take for granted, clean water.

In each of the three videos—one for a Typhi Superfood Smoothies, one for Hirundea-infused Lemonade and another for Anabaeana Skillet Cornbread—polluted water replaces the expected clean water showing a disgusting end result. A truly native experience, this campaign blended flawlessly within BuzzFeed’s content franchise and is without a doubt worth a watch.